Our History

La Cantinetta was born in 2000 from a dream of Grandpa Salvatore. Our story is the story of an inherited passion, a family tradition that is handed down from father to son always adding a touch of innovation. Our goal is to create the perfect combination of taste and tradition without forgetting the incursions of innovative flavors. For us, cooking is art, passion and craftsmanship.

Only by studying and deepening the raw materials to be used will we know that we have provided the best possible experience to our guests and only in this way we can feel fully satisfied. Salvo, today the owner, is the heir of a culinary tradition that lasted three generations and that we wish to pass on to our children.

Passion, sacrifice and patience were the essential ingredients for the recipe that led to the success of a new location, located a few meters from the original one. At the Cantinetta you can find the best products that aim to satisfy the palate of every person. Our restaurant is an excellence in the area and for years we have been committed to carrying on a reputation acquired through time, know-how and enhancement of the territory.

100% Organic

Our passion leads us to choose only food that is organic and selected. We try to choose genuine ingredients of our land chosen at Km 0 so that the family tradition comes to the table and every customer knows he is enjoying a dish designed from the raw materials.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

We carefully choose every single product so that there are no allergens, pesticides and that the catch comes only from ethical professionals. We love our land, we take care of it and we make sure that our cuisine is zero harm.

Fresh & Innovative

Our dishes mix smells and flavors of traditional cuisine with a pinch of culinary experimentation while maintaining a focus on the care of the territory. Since the first opening we make sure that Sicily is present in every dish.

La nostra Cuicina

We bring to the table Sicily, our Sicily, its regional variations and at the same time we wink at the international cuisine, inclusive and surprising. Our workhorses are definitely classic dishes of regional cuisine capable of mixing traditions and variations so as to make them tasty, interesting and at the same time familiar to every palate. Dishes are masterfully prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Our chefs are true professionals of taste, elaborate dishes that have gone down in history, reworking them in a tasty way for the palate and innovative for the eye. Our philosophy of cooking provides only the choice of seasonal products from both land and sea.  Using genuine, sought after and selected raw materials, we want the quality and freshness of seasonal products to give harmony to the dishes, and we are always in constant renewal. Finally, to accompany each dish we have a well-stocked cellar. Here we collect wines from all over the world preferring only the highest quality. We have international, national and regional variants that will enhance the flavor of each dish.

 What are you waiting for? Come visit us!

We are open every evening from 5pm to midnight. Lunch by reservation only.