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Welcome to Cantinetta

La Cantinetta La Cantinetta was born in 2000 from a dream of Grandpa Salvatore. Our story is the story of an inherited passion, a family tradition that is handed down from father to son always adding a touch of innovation. Our goal is to create the perfect combination of taste and tradition without forgetting the incursions of innovative flavors. For us, cooking is art, passion and craftsmanship.

Our Cuisine

We bring to the table Sicily, our Sicily, its regional variations and at the same time we wink at the international cuisine, inclusive and surprising. Our workhorses are definitely classic dishes of regional cuisine capable of mixing traditions and variations so as to make them tasty, interesting and at the same time familiar to every palate. Dishes are masterfully prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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They Say About Us

“a great discovery”

“I went for dinner with my girlfriend and everything was great! The food here is great and the maître d’ really knowledgeable! Everything fresh and prepared with care, the food is great and the wine fantastic. Highly recommended.”

“Fantastic food & great service.”

“We randomly arrived at this restaurant, walked in and were impressed. The dishes are aesthetically wonderful and have great flavors. The indoor space is a dream and the staff was really very nice and professional! We will definitely be back.”

“Fantastic experience”

“On a visit to Palermo I was recommended and I have to say I’m really glad I trusted it. I was ecstatic and would like to give more than five stars to this restaurant. The food was great and light with true local flavors and the wine perfect to accompany each course.”

“Quality food And Staff!”

”This place is absolutely wonderful. The food here is of great quality. All is so fresh and well presented.
Service here is very good as well, staff were attentive and ensured your wine glass was never empty.
It is on the pricey side of things but the quality, service and overall atmosphere justifies the cost.”

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We are located in Mondello in Via Carbone, 101, 5 minutes from the beach.